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Call for Grant applications: The Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative (JEC) Fund Grant

The KANSAI OSAKA 21st Century Association is accepting applications for the 2018 fiscal year for grants from the Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorate (JEC) Fund. The JEC Fund offers the grant to projects in various fields such as international cultural exchange, international goodwill, academic study, and education.  

Please note that applications will be accepted between August 1, 2017 and October 2, 2017. 

Applications and full guidelines are available here.

 For any enquires related to the application, please contact the KANSAI OSAKA 21st Century Association at: jec-fund@osaka21.or.jp  


As mentioned in the Guidelines (page 9), when applicants submit their application to the KANSAI OSAKA 21st Century Association, they are also required to send a Grant Application Notification with a photocopy of the application documents to the Embassy of Japan.