Oct 19 - Oct 23 The 12th Japanese Film Festival in Yerevan, Ejmiatsin and Gyumri 《Changes have been made in the schedule》

 The Embassy of Japan in Armenia, in cooperation with the Japan Foundation, "HIKARI" Armenian-Japanese Scientific, Educational and Cultural Center and the Municipality of Ejmiatsin, will organize the 12th Japanese Film Festival from October 19 to October 23.
 This year, Japanese films will be screened in the cities of Yerevan, Gyumri and Ejmiatsin, and all the films will be shown in Japanese with English or Russian subtitles. The entry is free to all the screenings.
We invite you all to join us and enjoy the beauty of Japanese cinema.

Screening  Schedule

【Yerevan City】
  Oct 19(Thu)  Moscow Cinema
     18:30-18:50 Opening ceremony
     18:50-20:51 「A Tale of Samurai Cooking」(121min)  Russian Subtitles
  Oct 20 (Fri)  Russian-Armenian(Slavonic) University
     14:30-    「 Have a Song on Your Lips」(132min) English Subtitles

  Oct 20 (Fri) Moscow Cinema
     18:30-20:39 「Maestro!」(129min) English Subtitles
  Oct 21(Sat)Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University
     13:00-14:37  「 A Band Rabbit and a Boy」(97min) English Subtitles

     Oct 23(Mon)Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University
     14:30-16:23  「 Abraxas」(113min) English Subtitles

【Ejmiatsin City】
  Oct 20 (Fri) Municipality of Ejmiatsin
     16:00-16:10   Opening ceremony
     16:10-18:11  「 A Tale of Samurai Cooking」(121min) Russian Subtitles
【Gyumri City】
  Oct 22(Sun)Hoktember Cinema
     13:00-13:10   Opening ceremony
             13:10-14:58  「 THERMAE ROMAE」(108min) Russian Subtitles
     15:10-16:56  「 MAMESHIBA」(106min) Russian Subtitles


A Tale of Samurai Cooking
(Oct19 18:50- Moscow cinema,Yerevan, Oct20 16:10- Municipality of Ejmiatsin) 

Director:Yuzo Asahara, 2013, 121min
Funaki Dennai laid the foundations for Kaga clan cuisine in the Edo Period as a "kitchen samurai" who prepared food for the nobility. This heartwarming drama depicts the internal affairs of the Kaga clan from the perspective of a woman who marries Funaki's son. It features meals made according to the Funaki family's recipe collection "Ryori Mugonsho" and recreates the workings of samurai family kitchens at the time. Maid Haru is a talented cook but stubborn, which leads her to divorce her husband after a year. However, she is asked by Kaga clan "kitchen samurai" Dennai to marry his son and heir Yasunobu, and works to remedy his lack of culinary skills.
【Film Festivals, Awards】
2013 San Sebastian International Film Festival, Culinary Zinema Section
2013 Hawaii International Film Festival, Spotlight on Japan Section
2013 Tokyo International Film Festival, Special Screenings
2014 Berlin International Film Festival, Culinary Cinema Section

Have a Song on Your Lips
(Oct20 14:30- Russian-Armenian University,Yerevan) 

Director:Takahiro Miki, 2015, 132min
Film adaptation of the novel by Nakata Eiichi, who drew inspiration from a TV documentary. Directed by Miki Takahiro of Girl in the Sunny Place.
 The Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. Kashiwagi Yuri (Aragaki Yui), a beautiful pianist from Tokyo, is a substitute teacher on assignment as advisor to a middle school chorus. The brashly dedicated chorus head Nazuna (Tsunematsu Yuri) and withdrawn Satoru (Shimoda Shota) each have their own unspeakable secret. On the day of the long-anticipated national competition, an incident occurs.... A true miracle transpires when everyone's emotions become a single "song."
【Film Festivals, Awards】
2015 Hong Kong International Film Festival

(Oct20 18:30- Moscow cinema,Yerevan) 

Director:Shotaro Kobayashi, 2015, 129min
Can the ‘leftovers’ of a failed orchestra and a mysterious unknown conductor bring the music back to life? A secret lies behind this ‘reform’ concert. The Central Symphony Orchestra, a once-prominent group that went broke six months ago, is to reunite, but its rehearsal space is an abandoned factory, and the players are the ‘leftovers’ who have not found positions anywhere else. When they start playing, the sound is anything but professional. The mysterious conductor Tendo, it appears, has brought them together. No one knows who he is, and he conducts with carpenter’s tools rather than a baton. His abrasive style alienates the players, but slowly his approach draws them deeper into their music. The young concertmaster Kosaka, however, learns of Tendo’s past, and his resistance to the conductor’s leadership grows stronger and stronger. It is not until the day of the concert that Tendo’s secret is revealed...



A Band Rabbit and a Boy
(Oct21 13:00- Russian-Armenian University,Yerevan)