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Presentation about Japan at Basic school N 3 in Goris


Embassy of Japan in Armenia presented Japanese society and culture at Basic school N 3 in Goris and Basic school N 7 in Kapan on October 25 (Wed) and 26 (Thu).

Presentation was held not only by Embassy staff, but also by Ms. Marina Martirosyan, who has studied in Japan for a year through the Japanese Government’s Student Scholarship Program, based on her own experience. The halls in both schools were overcrowded with pupils with great interest, who were listening about Japan for the first time. As an introduction of traditional Japanese culture, origami paper crane was demonstrated.

                                             Ambassador’s welcome speech in Goris                                  Embassy staff, introducing Japan at school in Goris
                                                Pupils in Goris school                                                          Karate demonstration by pupils in Goris

                                           Pupils in Kapan school                                             Presentation by Ms. Marina Martirosyan in Kapan school

                         Pupils, trying to write their names in Katakana (Kapan)

          We appreciate Basic School N 3 in Goris and Basic school N 7 in Kapan for supporting the organization of these events, as well as Ms. Marina Martirosyan for assisting the presentation of Japan.