October 7 (Sun) Budo Martial Arts Festival


     On Sunday, October 7, Budo Martial Arts festival gathered all Japanese martial arts federations of Armenia at the "Dinamo" hall. This event was held for the third time by the Embassy of Japan and Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.

This time performers were Nobukazu Onishi iaido 6th dan, Yorihiko Maeno (President, NPO International Society Kendo Club) kendo 8th dan, Koetsu Sone kendo 7th dan.

     Among Armenian federations there were  Armenian Kendo Federation,  Aikido Aikikai Federation of Armenia, Armenia Aikido Meiseikai Federation of Armenia, Judo Zeytun club, JKA Armenia Shotokan Karate Federation, Armenian National Karate Federation, and Armenian Kyokushin Karate Federation.

Acting Minister of Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs Mr. G.Ghazaryan made a speech during opening ceremony.