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Ambassador's greeting

My name is Jun Yamada. I arrived in Yerevan on 27 May as Ambassador of Japan. 22 years have passed since my last visit to this beautiful country, but throughout these years I have been profoundly fascinated by the incredibly old history and the sheer sophistication of Armenian culture which form the identity and pride of the people here. It is a great honour and real fortune for me to be in a position to bridge our two countries once again.
  Last year marked the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Armenia. The Japanese Embassy has been active in Yerevan for more than 3 years now and there is a good prospect for the earliest entry into force of long-awaited Japan-Armenia Investment Agreement. Indeed our bilateral relations are on the brink of quantum leap now.
  There are so many qualities which are common between Armenian and Japanese people, but I surmise that the attitude to create new values from nothing through human perseverance and will - without relying on the externally given resources - embodies the most crucial one which has rather universal relevance beyond the two nations themselves.
  Today our world is rapidly shrinking due to the tectonic advance of technology in which the Armenian people exhibit the best aspect of their talent. This suggests that ultimately all the countries and people on the surface of the globe will become “immediate neighbors” to each other. Preempting the arrival of totally new situation, we would rather endeavour day by day to become the most cordial neighbours in such a world!
   I would sincerely like to ask all the Armenian people, as well as those Japanese people who have already been deeply associated with this fascinating country to offer your frank opinions and guidance to our Embassy.  
Thank you!
27 May 2018
Jun Yamada