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Japanese TV program (NHK Documentary) broadcasting in Armenia

  ▶日本語  ▶հայերեն

  NHK Documentary will be broadcast on Armnews as below.
  The broadcast of this program became possible thanks to Japan Foundation which in the framework of “Japanese TV Broadcasting Abroad” provided the PanArmenian Media Group with Japanese Program.
  We expect that the broadcast of this documentary will be a good opportunity for the Armenian people to get interested in Japan. Please watch this program.

Facing the Future: Evolution of Japanese Eco-Cars  = 25 May (Thu) at 17:35- =

Automobiles are an indispensable part of our lives. There are now 10 billion of them worldwide. Carbon dioxide and other gas emissions are a major environmental problem. Japan’s production of eco-cars that lessen both gas emissions and travel costs is growing exponentially. This program reports recent news of the progress of Japanese electric cars, hybrid cars, and fuel cell cars.

Science Zero
This series features Japan’s advanced science and technology explained in simple terms through different perspectives as well as practical experiments and accounts of personal experiences.
  Episode 1: Future Eco Cars  = 26 May (Fri) 17:35- =
1. 磁石が変えるエコカーの未来
Eco Cars such as electric and hybrid cars are drawing much attention. Their high-performance motors are built using powerful magnets, and rare earth metals play a key role in the making of these magnets. This program delves into the latest development of these eco cars.

  Episode 2: Developing New Shinkansen  = 1 June (Thu) 17:30- = 

2. 速さへの挑戦 次世代新幹線
The next-generation Shinkansen train that will travel at 320 kilometers per hour is now being developed. This program reveals the untold story of these new Shinkansen, including the challenge of a lightweight design and noise control measures.

  Episode 3: New Possibilities of Origami  = 2 June (Fri) 17:30- =

3. 先端技術も注目 折り紙のワザ
Origami is now being applied to cutting edge technologies. This program features the possibilities traditional Japanese paper folding offer such as using origami structures in the design of auto parts that effectively absorb the energy of collision