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Grant Assistance For Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP)

    The Government of Japan invites to apply for the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Programme, in fiscal year 2018 (April 2018- March 2019).
    Reflecting the Japanese Government's strong commitment to uphold the concept of "Human Security", GGP programme intends to contribute to improvements in various fields including education, health, infrastructure, as well as other sectors.
           The overall goal of GGP is to enhance the wellbeing of people at the grassroots level, based on the concept of human security.
Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), Local Public Authorities, Educational Institutions, Research Institutions and Medical Institutions.
Recipients shall have minimum 3 years of activities with stable financial status.

*Applicants from outside of Armenia, please contact the Embassy of Japan in your country or region. GGP is offered in 141 countries all over the world.

Education:          Primary Education, Illiteracy Reduction, Vocational Training, Human Resource Development in Communities.
Health:               Primary Health Care, Social Welfare for People with Disabilities and Vulnerable People, Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities, Family Planning, HIV/AIDS, Prevention of Communicable Diseases.
Infrastructure: Improvement of Community Lifeline, Disaster Prevention, Environmental Protection, Renewable Energy Generalization, Waste Management.
Others:               Mine Risk Education, Women’s Empowerment, Refugee Support, Vehicle Provision
Note: The priority is given to the projects which are in line with Japanese Assistance Policy for the Republic of Armenia. Please see GGP Presentation for the detail.
(Assistance Policy for the Republic of Armenia:

  • Capability of the proponent (including track record, financial management capacity, implementation capability and monitoring system, etc.)
  • Project feasibility
  • Sustainability
  • Appropriateness and cost-effectiveness of the requested grant
  • Necessity, urgency and impact
 The grant amount per project generally cannot exceed JPY 10,000,000 (approximately US$ 90,000 in FY 2017)
No longer than 12 months.
All the required documents shall be presented in English.
Application for FY 2017 has been closed.
We are now welcome for FY 2018 which is opened until 30 June, 2018.
Send your project request papers and all supporting documents to:
 E-mail: embjp@yv.mofa.go.jp
Please find the GGP guideline and application form and read them carefully before you start preparing for the application.